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Membership - Waivers - Privacy


Membership is $20 for a Single and $40 for a Family

-It is mandatory that all Club Members have current HCBC memberships. You can attach it with this membership form, or show your card in person at your first event or next meeting.

-It is mandatory to complete your waiver (Over-Age / Under-Age) with your membership. Link is below. It is an editable PDF and you can fill it out and attach it to your online membership form, or send into the Club Secretary directly at
-Minors (18 years and under) who are riding must wear a helmet.

-The Kettle River Horse Club, including it's Directors, Volunteers or Members are not responsible or liable for any accident, injury or death that may occur to any horse, rider, participant, volunteer, attendee or guest at any event.

-Horses that are known to kick are required to exhibit a red ribbon in their tail to warn other riders.

-Horses must be under rider / handler control at all times or they will be asked to leave.

-No dogs allowed. No smoking on trail rides or at events at the Fair Grounds.

-By joining the Kettle River Horse Club as a Member you are consenting to any photos being taken or used by the club in marketing activities on: the website, Facebook, social media platforms or in print without further consent. Should you wish to withdraw photo consent you must email the Club Secretary at

-The Kettle River Horse Club Directors will have final say on all rules and attendee behavior.

-Horse Council of BC rules will prevail.

-By submitting your Membership Form you consent to receiving emails on KRHC events and notices, including meeting agendas and minutes. You understand you can withdraw consent at any time by contacting the club's secretary at

Over-Age Waiver

Under-Age Waiver

Membership Application Link

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